Production Services

At Tidewater Taxi we combine local knowledge, safety expertise, and a versatile vessel to offer a comprehensive range of services in Prince William Sound. Whether you're in need of marine logistics, emergency response, or transportation of goods and personnel, we are committed to delivering excellence and reliability in every service. Our adaptability and understanding of the local waters make us the ideal partner for a variety of maritime needs.

A bay surrounded by trees and mountains under a blue sky  in Prince William Sound, Whittier Alaska

Production Services

Tidewater Taxi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in production services:

Safety Services

We are experienced in developing safety protocols to ensure the safety of your crew during the production process.

Medical Services

We have an on-site experienced EMT with WFR certification and supplies ready to respond to any medical emergencies.

Site Selection

This is one of our strongest skill sets. We have a wealth of local knowledge that can assist you in selecting the perfect site for your production needs in Prince William Sound.
A group of people standing next to a boat on a body of water with film equipment
 in Prince William Sound, Whittier Alaska
A man standing next to a boat in the water with kayaks on top in Prince William Sound

Transport Services

Tidewater Taxi offers reliable and efficient Transportation Services for goods and personnel across Prince William Sound. Whether you need to transport construction materials, supplies, or personnel to remote areas, our vessel is designed to meet your needs. With a large back deck and high maneuverability, we ensure timely and safe transportation.

High maneuverability: Making it ideal for reaching any location you choose.
Walkthrough bow ramp: Allowing for easy disembarkation anywhere.
Large back deck and good side foredecks: Offering ample outdoor viewing/filming spaces.

Marine Logistics and Support Services

At Tidewater Taxi, we understand the complexities of marine operations. Our Marine Logistics and Support Services are designed to facilitate seamless marine construction, offshore wind farms, and environmental monitoring projects. Our Alaskan-built vessel, the Cyane, is equipped with high maneuverability and ample deck space, making it ideal for transporting equipment and personnel to and from offshore sites. Our local knowledge of Prince William Sound ensures efficient and safe navigation.

The Cyane boat that is sitting in the water in Prince William Sound
A group of people standing in front of a glacier with camera gear  in Prince William Sound, Whittier Alaska

Film Crew Support

For film crews seeking an unparalleled filming experience in Prince William Sound, Tidewater Taxi is your go-to partner. Our services include site selection, safety protocols, and medical services. Our vessel’s high maneuverability and deck spaces are ideal for capturing stunning shots. Whether your project is an extreme sports movie or a nature documentary, we provide the essential services to bring your vision to life.