Discover Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound is a magnificent body of water located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Alaska. Surrounded by towering mountains and vast glaciers, this sound stretches over 3,800 square miles and is dotted with about 150 islands.

A view of a highway going into a tunnel with a glacier in the background. Whittier Tunnel Entrance
A large body of water surrounded by mountains Aerial of Whittier Harbour
Welcome to Prince William Sound: Alaska's Crown Jewel
Set your sights on Prince William Sound, a treasure trove nestled in the Gulf of Alaska, where nature’s wonders are boundless. Flanked by the Kenai Peninsula and guarded by the towering Chugach Mountains, this mesmerizing region is a blend of sparkling waters, majestic glaciers, and lush forests.

Sail Through a Sea of Wonders
Embark on a nautical adventure across 6,640 square miles of aquatic splendor. Prince William Sound’s intricate shoreline weaves through a myriad of bays, fjords, and islands. At the heart of this labyrinth lies the awe-inspiring Columbia Glacier, one of the fastest-moving glaciers in the world.

A Wildlife Extravaganza
Keep your binoculars at hand, as Prince William Sound is teeming with marine life. From the playful sea otters to the majestic humpback whales, the waters here are a haven for marine creatures. Venture into the surrounding forests, and you might encounter moose, bears, or a diverse array of birds.

Reel in the Big One
For fishing enthusiasts, Prince William Sound is a seafood paradise. With an abundance of salmon and halibut, it’s an angler’s dream. Not to mention, the local shrimp and crab are delectable treats for seafood connoisseurs.

Embrace the Great Outdoors
Whether you’re into kayaking, hiking, or wildlife watching, Prince William Sound has something for every outdoor enthusiast. With a range of trails from serene forest walks to challenging mountain treks, there’s an adventure waiting for everyone.

Rooted in Rich Culture
Prince William Sound's history is steeped in the culture of the indigenous Alaskan peoples who have called this place home for thousands of years. Their rich traditions are an integral part of the region's heritage.

Dress for the Occasion
Be sure to pack your rain gear and embrace the cool, wet climate. With occasional snow in the winter and frequent rain throughout the year, Prince William Sound is refreshingly crisp.

A Voyage to Remember
So, what are you waiting for? Prince William Sound is calling. Whether you arrive by boat, plane, or through the tunnel to Whittier, prepare for an Alaskan adventure that will captivate your spirit.
Whittier: Your Gateway to Prince William Sound
Whittier is a small town located on the western edge of Prince William Sound. Known as the Gateway to Prince William Sound, Whittier is an ideal base for exploring the Sound’s incredible scenery and wildlife.
How to Get to Whittier
By Car:
Whittier is accessible by car through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, the longest combined vehicle-railroad tunnel in North America. The tunnel is one-way and operates on a strict schedule, so it's essential to check the times before you travel. From Anchorage, take the Seward Highway (AK-1) south. Then, turn onto the Whittier/Portage Glacier Access Road and follow it to the tunnel entrance.

By Train:
The Alaska Railroad offers a scenic ride from Anchorage to Whittier during the summer months. The train passes through stunning landscapes, including glaciers, waterfalls, and mountain ranges.

By Boat:
Whittier is a popular port of call for cruise ships. You can also reach Whittier by ferry from other towns in the region through the Alaska Marine Highway System.